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Lloyd Danzig

Lloyd Danzig

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Lloyd is the Chairman & Founder of the International Consortium for the Ethical Development of Artificial Intelligence, a 501(c)(3) non-profit NGO dedicated to ensuring that rapid developments in AI are made with a keen eye toward the long-term interests of humanity. He is also Founder & CEO of Sharp Alpha Advisors, a sports gaming business and investment consultancy with a focus on companies deploying cutting edge tech.

He previously managed institutional portfolios for BlackRock, data science initiatives for Samsung, Machine Learning engines for sportsbook operators, and a lifelong passion for entrepreneurship and innovation. Lloyd is widely regarded as the world’s foremost expert on the evolving role of Machine Learning in the sports gaming and tech space.

His non-profit boasts members from leading tech companies across the globe and is internationally acclaimed for its contributions to the ethical development of Artificial Intelligence. Lloyd is also a distinguished member of CompTIA’s AI Advisory Council

He has been privileged to be featured as a guest speaker and panelist at numerous prestigious universities including Stanford University, Columbia University, and The Wharton School of Business, in addition to private sector conferences such as QConAI, Data Council, The AI Summit, MathSport International, BOSCON, Sport & Society, and IAGR 2019.

Geoff Johnson

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Geoff is the Chief Catalyst Officer and a Trustee of ICED(AI). He received a BSE in Mechanical Engineering followed by an MSE in Integrated Product Design from the University of Pennsylvania.


He was the CEO of Parametric LLC, a revolutionary technology company that disrupted and reshaped the hospitality landscape at stadiums and premium venues.


Since Parametric's 2016 acquisition,Geoff has held the post of Chief Innovation Officer at Bypass Mobile. where he is responsible for identifying new opportunities in the product market and executing strategic initiatives that span disciplines. His interest and proficiency as both an engineer and visionary thinker make him the perfect addition to our board.

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